Bathrooms & wetrooms

This is Richard & Angela's bathroom,  one of two we installed this January 2016.

Large 60cm x 60cm porcelain floor tiles complimented by 30cm x 60cm wall tiles.   P'shaped bath with shower screen to boot.

Beautiful Montana gloss cabinets complimented by a one piece resin worktop and basin.

To top it all off  underfloor  heating,  surprisingly economic to run and very luxurious too.

The whole family are delighted by the bathrooms.  See the on-suite below below the main bathroom.

This is Jenifers bathroom in Exeter, probably the nicest bathroom we have designed and installed.

The bathroom is unrecognisable as you can see from the next photo.

We actually completley rebuilt every surface, floor, walls which were insulated inside and ceiling which was insulated above, then constructed the raised floor, tiled floor and walls and installed the bathroom.  Not to mention all of the supply, waste and electrics all hidden in the structures.

This is the old bathroom, very cold and out of date.  As usual we started to strip out the bathroom before id taken photos but at least you get the idea.

Compare it to the finished job above and below its quite startling.  These jobs require a vision and plenty of planning.

This bathroom is of Mr Fisher in Sidmouth.

This is the main bathroom serving a two bedroom bungalow.  There is another on-suite bathroom behind the new stud wall on the left which is shown in following photos.  There are also photos of the old bathroom and W/c as was from when the bungalow was built shown after the other new photos.

This is the view of the main bathroom from the hallway

Another photo showing the quad shower etc.

Double sliding door quadrant shower of the main bathroom.

This is an electric towel radiator, Mr Fisher wanted this even though he had central heating available.  see the neat wiring through the wall tiles.

The on-suite next to the main bathroom.

The on-suite shower.

Basin, W/c & Towel radiator

This photo shows the old bathroom and W/c before we structurally altered them into a main bathroom and on-suite as shown above.

See some more photos below of the demolition & construction process.

Bathroom & W/c stripped out and walls down.

Having removed the lower supporting wall and door frames we now remove the blockwork and supporting lintel.

The rebuild begins with structural grade timber stud wall with door openings being formed.

Each stage has to be planned with precision so that the next stage follows on smoothly.

This is Chris's & Pennys new restyled bathroom. 

We had to convert it from a middle floor on-suite to a main bathroom.  looking through the new doorway into the finished bathroom.  Tho old door opening was on the left hand side which now is a plain wall with a towel radiator installed.

The same room after stripping out, you can see the door opening to the left

The new shower, difficult to get a whole photo due to the restricting space, one of the problems in taking bathroom photo's.

This is one of my favourite bathroom, it was the second bathroom installation for Sue Rivera & Katy Cox in Holnest Dorset.


I think the wall tiles are stunning and the bathroom is very appealing, just need's a paint job and nice towel’s etc to finish it off! 

You would not believe what the bathroom looked like before, this bathroom has had walls removed and replaced, floor raised, ceiling raised and structural repairs to the External wall which are 28" thick and 300 years old.  This was a really major job and a real challenge.  I'm very proud of this bathroom I think all our hard work paid off handsomely!!.

If you want to see the old bathroom look below this photo and at the bottom of this bathroom's finished photos to see the construction in progres,,

This is Sue's old bathroom being striped out.

More photo's of the bathroom

Two sliding doors to gain access to the quadrant shower cubicle, really stunning bathroom!


We have completed all our work at Holnest and move on to our new projects.  Here below are some more photos of work in progress.

Bye bye Holnest!

This is the same bathroom under major structural repairs

After tripping out the plasterboard walls we were horrified to find a large section of the wall had been removed to allow pipework access to the bathroom.  The wall also was leaning outwards by 6" and we had to rebuild it.

After a good deal of rebuilding we started to plasterboard the walls and ceiling



























This wetroom was completed for our customer Sue Rivera & Katy Cox in Holnest Dorset

As you can see this one is a little unusual as we could not place the showering area in any other position.  Its right by the window so there had to be a three sided shower curtain.  We could not fix a screen because the bathroom required wheel chair access.  Nice warm colour floor tiles hide the under floor heating we installed and the under floor heating makes it so comfortable the owners cats started to lay on the floor often. 

The photo shows the window alcove, we had to use a shower curtain to keep the water off the window alcove tiled surface.  We could not use a glass screen, it just did not work.

Sorry about the shower curtain on the window alcove, we tucked it up to show the shower area.

A lot of careful work went into the showering area, it was tanked out to provide the wet room as a true waterproof barrier to the building structure.

The photo shows April's new wet room.  With a wet room you don't have a
shower tray as such as the tiling is flush with the bathroom floor tiling.

April wanted a clean walk in shower.  Wet rooms are starting to make quite an impact in the bathroom sector.  The job was quite intensive as all the wall surfaces had to be stripped and re-plastered including a new ceiling.  The floor had to come up and the floor joists had to be lowered to allow for the fitting of a special tray.  It is then treated to waterproof the tray (tanking) and floor near the wet area.

April was delighted with the finished result.



This is April’s bathroom. The wet room tiling surface has a special recessed shower tray it blends into the bathroom floor seamlessly.

The photo shows the second bathroom we installed for April.  This job was intensive as when we first started the room had no floor no walls and no ceilings just the bare structure, and to be honest not that well done by a previous building company.  The bathroom is more traditional than the wet room we installed on the ground floor, but can you spot the unusual feature??



Kevin & Jean Dyke's new bathroom

The photo was taken through the bathroom window as there was not quite enough room to take a good photo when inside.

Jean & Kevin are delighted with the newly refurbished bathroom.

The trouble with many bathrooms they are quite small like this one in their holiday home at Stoneleigh in Weston, Devon.

It is almost impossible to take a good photo that shows as much as possible.  I think the tiles give the room a warm feel and a more up to date feel too.

Their guest's have complimented them on the bathroom many times.  I love it when i hear something like that, it just goes to show the pride and effort that myself and Callum put into our work pay's off!

Not happy I left the soap dispencer on show though!! 

This is Roger & Debbie Shorlands tiny holiday let bathroom during the project.  At this stage we had stripped out ancillaries and steamed off the wallpaper.

You can see Roger & Debbie Shorlands refurbished bathroom in the photo above. 

This bathroom is very small, but still finished up looking very nice.  Roger & Debbie decided to keep the water heater on the wall to keep the price within their budget to keep the let at the correct profit margin.

Carol & Vic Barrington-Wise's refurbished bathroom, reusing the existing tiling, bath, shower screen and sanitary ware but replacing the W/c and adding the cabinets.  A very cost effective upgrade!

Vic is a bit tight!!!  Sorry Vic.  That's why Vic has more cash than me!!!

New floor tiles I almost forgot, unfortunately you cant see them.

Sorry about the strange photo, cheap wide angle lense.



This bathroom we refurbished in 2010 for Mrs Chandler of Sidmouth.

Mrs Chandeler chose white bumpy tiles with a mosaic border. Tiling to all walls floor to ceiling and floor tiles throughout. 

I must put a photo of the old bathroom, it was awful, pink throughout and her other bathroom was even worse in dark chocolate brown.  

Mrs Chandelers second bathroom, again white bumpy tiles but this time a laminate floor suitable for a bathroom environment.  A slight change in colour and texture makes this bathroom look very nice.