Woolaway Bungalow refurbishment, (My home)

This is where i used to live in Sidmouth, my mother originally lived here.  I have now moved to Ottery St. Mary.

It was a Woolaway prefabricated bungalow with very low insulation values and so was a mouldy cold place to live until we removed all the concrete structures of the external walling and rebuilt it with a timber construction as you can see from the photos.  The exterior was finished in a render and stucco (a finish visually similar to Artex stippled effect)  and you can see photos of the finished bungalow on this website.

We had decided to sell the bungalow but I was worried that a developer may knock it down and put a large house in its place.  I have fond memories of looking after my mother in the bungalow and that’s what brought me to Sidmouth originally in 2000.

Additionally my son was born and lived here for his first six years, so I wanted it to be still here after moving so he knew where he lived as a child.  So you could say I have an emotional attachment to the place for several reasons.



This construction achieved a U value of just 0.14 which is twice as efficient as the current building regulation requirements 2013


Unfortunately every other photo of the work in progress was lost due to my computer and an external hard drive giving up the ghost  within days of each other!  Be warned, don’t trust yours!!!!

Fortunately the completed works can now be seen below, the stage by stage construction phases. 


If you have a Woolaway or post war prefabricated property and would like a quote for the refurbishment with structural calculations and building regulations approval.  High street mortgageability depends on strict adherance to the design of the repair.  We can arrange all the relevant documentation so that your post war building meets all the required certification.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me David on 07967 056447 or contact me through the  contact page or email isherwoodqualitybuild@live.co.uk Incidentally don’t forget to have the EPC certificate done as this will help sell your property if you decided to sell.

Insuring the Woolaway for buildings and contents is also fairly straight forward too!








See below some of the construction work involved in refurbishing the bungalow.

We rebuilt the external walls in timber frame construction as you can see from the photos with one wall down to my step sons bedroom.
Partial enclosure with OSB board and installation of a window
Breather membrane fitted, battens fitted prior to the stainless steel mesh installation. The next stage is for a three coat render and scat finish as a weather shield exterior surface.
The interior of my step sons bedroom prior to a second skin of insulation board being fitted. Next plasterboard and skim finish!
One finished bedroom and its warm as toast, free from damp and mold. 'OK' it's a bit untidy but it is my step sons bedtoom what do you expect!!!
Unfortunately my bungalow sits into the hillside and as such you cant get a nice photo.
Our lovely conservatory
Looking from our kitchen to the conservatory and decking terrace outside.
Part of our living room/kitchen open plan room
This is our hallway leading to two bedrooms and the bathroom you saw earlier with its wall down.
The bifold doors i installed in 2005, they open up to turn the open plan living room/ kitchen into an alfresco experience on a good spring/ summers day.