Patio's, Driveways, Fencing & Decking

















Len & Christine Bulls patio completed even though the weather was awful
during July/August 2009

The patio was constructed using a block paving edging in a colour that complimented the house brick and the paving stones.  The paving stones are of a riven type and
several different sizes.

Len & Christine were delighted with the patio. We carried out many other projects for them
including front block paving drive


(which was our first project), pointing the house, fencing & trellis, New soak away, installation of water butts and finally the large carport/workshop at the top of the web page.

The paving in the carport/workshop connects up with the patio above. We built the carport/workshop two years later and matched it up with the existing patio we built in 2009. I think it looks fantastic even if I say so myself.

Here you can see it joins up seamlessly.

Another view of the paving & drainage.

Fencing, trellis & decking on the same job

Callum laying my own cobbled drive back in 2009

Progress being made.  We built the fencing on the right and we also
constructed Len & Christine's block paving drive on the other side constructed before this photo.

The block paving drive is complete. At this stage we are finishing off the fencing.

This is Len & Christine's and Ron Hardmans fence, there neighbours. This is the Bulls side and the next phot shows the Hardmans side. Not an easy job this one, plenty of tree roots.