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A Wealth Of Experience and Knowledge
Available To You

HomePro has a wealth of expertise in the home improvement industry.
Founded back in 1999 we created a sister brand called HomePro Insurance during
2001, which has fast become one of the leading providers of home improvement
protection insurance products in the UK.  HomePro Insurance were recognised for
their efforts in insurance when they were awarded “The Insurance Times Award
for Innovation” by the insurance market in December 2002 while HomePro
Insurance were one of the first companies in our sector to achieve FSA
authorisation during 2005.

Our products are available to home owners through a network of around 3500
tradesman located from the Scottish Highlands down to Cornwall.  Businesses are
able to offer our Deposit and Warranty Insurance when doing work within the
Home Improvement Industry.  There are two ways for this to be done.  The first is
by way of an offer leaflet which the tradesman provides to his customer who is
then free to contact HomePro Insurance directly to purchase their cover, and
the second is 'by way of business'.  By way of business is where our members
include Deposit and Warranty Insurance to the customer as part of the overall
cost.  Policies are activated when the customer submits our return slip
confirming that the works have been completed to a satisfactory level.
A HomePro insurance backed guarantee, or IBG for short, covers deposits (where
level of cover is Value Plus or TrustMark Value Plus), workmanship and
materials. Deposit Protection Cover lasts for 90 days from date of payment to
the contractor and additionally the Warranty Insurance Policy is valid for a period of up to
10 years. The period of cover is determined by the category of work and mirrors
the contractor’s written guarantee, subject to the terms of the insurance
policy. The cover is usually provided for the following types of home
improvement jobs.

Awnings and Car Ports 
  Double Glazing Doors, Windows and Fascia's 
  Kitchens, Bathrooms and Bedrooms 
  Roofing Works, Solar Roofing Panels and Loft Conversions 
  Driveways, Building Conversions / Extensions and
  Conservatories and more.