GRP, glass fibre roofing solutions and traditional felt roofing.

GRP,  short for glass fibre roofing is a significant upgrade on traditional flat roofing solutions.

We offer both services as we know budgets are important.

Grp is great value for money when you consider you will replace your felt flat roof many times before the GRP system requires repair or replacement.

You can typically expect decades of service from GRP.  For those people that do not know GRP  stands for glass fibre reinforced plastic and has been used for many many decades in the marine world. fantastic yachts, small boats and numerous other uses.  You'll know that many cars use a GRP roof storage solution too.

We guarantee our roofs for 20 years but you can expect much more than the period of the guarantee.  We also have more than one system of GRP which makes just about any flat roof installation possible.  Our system is compatible for adjoining many substraights and adheres to many different materials.  We can also provide commersial quality which uses more robust matting (GRP) and anti slip coatings for safety.  We also carry out roof valley GRP works which can include parapit walls, tiled slopes and much more.

We also offer a complete building service as you can see on the website.

I personally have now 35 years experience and employ skilled reliable staff.  We also can provide for such services as structural engineer, Architect and specilised services.

If you would like a free quoatation with no obligation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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